MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers Download Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 

How to manually install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers

This is how to install MT65xx drivers for your windows PC. You need to install drivers in order to connect your smartphone properly
Download latest CDC, VCOM, USB & Smartwatch drivers for Mediatek Android devices below. These drivers are for Windows PCs.

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Description : The MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Driver is the common USB driver for all the Android smartphones that are powered by MediaTek MT65xx chipset. The MediaTek MT65xx Preloader USB drivers will make sure that your MediaTek Android device is properly recognized by your PC. This ensures that there will be no hiccups while you are trying to flash a custom ROM or when you are trying to root your device.

Download MediaTek MT65xx USB VCOM Drivers

How to Install MediaTek USB Drivers
Important Notice
  • Drivers are important to enable your Windows PC communicate with your Mediatek Android phone / tablet / smartwatch so its important you install the right driver for the task at hand 
  • Drivers are OS version specific so ensure to install drivers whihc are compatible with your OS version and also match your type (32 or 64 bit)
  • Each driver has a specific purpose / tool its designed to work with so ensure to read the tutorial which lead you to this page and download only the driver you were asked to i.e you don't have to download and install all drivers on this page
  • You might encounter a driver clash when you install several Mediatek drivers at a time. A driver clash could result in the tool not detecting your MTK device. In such a case, you are to uninstall all Mediatek drivers on your PC ( USB Deview could come in handy) then re-install only the driver of interest
  • Most of these drivers are unsigned so you might have to disable Windows driver signature enforcement to be able to install them
  • You might get a Code 10 error after installing an unsigned driver above. Do not be alarmed, the driver will still work fine. Windows gives this error (by default) for unsigned drivers.